The book

Restless Land book coverRestless Land is arguably one of the most readable history books about Scotland. Aimed at non-academics, it condenses an enormous amount of research to unravel the tangled tale of the centuries gone before. It looks beyond the kings and queens, the aristocrats and industrialists, the politicians and generals, to the extraordinary men and women from the sprawling masses.

This is an epic story of heroism and betrayal, courage and intrigue, sacrifice and avarice told with flair and clarity.

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What people are saying

‘This is an incredibly readable book which will grab you from the opening pages. Half-remembered stories and vague Scottish heroes leap to life, and the book resonates not only with excitement but with anger, injustice and above all, the struggles of the Scottish working class.’ Pam Currie, Socialist Voice

Restless Land is a substantive book by any description. It’s a book that tells you things you didn’t know. It tells you things that you’ve never been told in school, in the media, or anywhere else…It’s an important book that articulates a fascinating history – the history of those on whose shoulders we stand.” Jeane Freeman, political analyst and public affairs consultant

About the authors

Alan McCombes

AlanX800This is Alan McCombes’ third book following Downfall (Birlinn, 2011) and Imagine (Canongate, 2000). He was the founding editor of the Scottish Socialist Voice paper, and a founding member of the the Scottish Socialist Party and the Scottish Independence Convention. A Glaswegian born and bred, Alan currently lives in Perthshire. Read our interview with Alan.

Roz Paterson

Roz1Roz Paterson is a teacher and writer who has written for the Sunday Herald, the Daily Record, the Scotsman, and Scotland on Sunday. She writes regularly for the Scottish Socialist Voice and Red Pepper. She lives in the Highlands with her husband and children.

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