‘A riveting popular history expertly written with wit and style’

This absorbing new book gives a compelling account of Scottish history from the perspective of those paying the price for progress in blood and dirt.

It covers a huge amount of ground – almost 1500 years – in under 300 pages, and does so with style, wit and limpid clarity that sets it apart from the dry tomes that put many people off history before they are out of school.

Restless Land is a riveting, expertly written work of popular history that deserves a very wide readership.

Alex Miller, Professor of Philosophy, History and Politics; University of Otago, New Zealand
I’d tried to read plenty of books on Scottish history before, usually ending in dusty defeat around the third chapter so I started to read with a little trepidation, but I shouldn’t have worried – this is a history book like none that I’ve read before.

This is an incredibly readable book which will grab you from the opening pages. Half-remembered stories and vague Scottish heroes leap to life, and the book resonates not only with excitement but with anger, injustice and above all, the struggles of the Scottish working class.

For me, reading Restless Land was like having lots of little lights come on in my head. Finally, a book which could tell me the meaning of many of the songs and poems I’ve heard, of the half-remembered stories, of the slogans and names which have drifted down through the generations.

Pam Currie BA, BSc, MA;  President of EIS Further Education

Restless Land is a substantive book by any description. It tells you things that you’ve never been told before in school, in the media, or anywhere else.

“We should thank Alan and Roz for writing a book that’s easy to read, that’s interesting page by page, and makes you want to find out more. It’s an important book that articulates a fascinating history – the history of those on whose shoulders we stand.”

Jeanne Freeman MSP; Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport